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How to Update Templates

Templates can be updated directly from the Templates page in Design Huddle. This makes it simple to re-publish a Template from either the source Project directly or a newly copied Project. Templates can be updated by any admin if a mistake has been made or if any element changes are required. 

To Edit an existing Template follow these steps:

  1. Click the Projects main tab
  2. Click the Templates subtab
  3. Find the Template to be edited
  4. Click the Ellipses
  5. Click Edit Template

After following these steps a wizard will open where a list of previously published versions is displayed. The most recent Template version is selected automatically. At the bottom of the wizard you will have one or two options based on which Template version is selected. If the source Project hasn’t been updated since the Template version was published, you can edit it directly. Or you can always make a copy of the Template version to a new Project.

To learn more about re-publishing a Template, see our How to Publish Templates article here.