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How to Publish Templates

This article will cover:
  • What are Templates

  • How to Publish Templates

  • Managing Templates

What Are Templates

Templates are admin-approved designs that are available for your end-users to customize. In order for a design template to be available for your users, it first needs to be published.

Once a Template is published, you will not be able to make any changes to it, including locking changes. The only way to edit a Template would be to find and edit the source Project, re-publish the Template, and delete the existing Template.

Note: If you need to reuse the Name or Template ID, you will need to delete it from the existing Template first. 

How to Publish Templates

When you have completed a design and configured locking controls, publish the template by following these steps:

  1. Click the Publish Template button on the top right
  2. Give the Template a Title
  3. Assign the Template Category (and Subcategories if necessary)
  4. Optionally Hide From Gallery if you want to temporarily withhold the Template from users

Note: This widget can look unique based on the settings that you have turned on. If you do not see any of the below settings and are interested in learning more about them please contact us at support@designhuddle.com.

If you have Brands enabled or User Groups added, you will see the following options:

  • The Brands dropdown will publish the Template only for Accounts associated with that Brand. You may only select one Brand per Template.
  • The Limit Access by User Group option will allow you to hide the Template for any groups selected

If the Template was created for Social Media you will have the ability to add a caption to your post.

You can optionally add a Template ID to connect to an external database if you are doing an integration. This will only be turned on if an integration has been completed with Design Huddle. Please reach out to support@designhuddle.com for more information. 

Templates can also be published directly from the Projects page by following these steps:

  1. Click on the main Projects tab
  2. Find the Project you would like to Publish
  3. Click Publish Template

Publishing an Edited Template

When re-publishing a Template you will have a few different options than when publishing it the first time. 

  • Update Existing Template: This will be checked by default and you can give the new version a description that will help you identify the latest updates if you were to edit it further. 
  • Update Publish Date: This will update the publish date to the current date, which will reorder this Template to the top of the Template Gallery when sorting by date.

Furthermore, if multiple Templates have been published from a Project, when updating an existing Template there will be a dropdown that allows you to select which Template you would like to overwrite.

Managing Templates

Templates can be managed by going to Projects tab and Templates subtab. Here you can do the following.

  1. Edit Settings - Adjust the settings set when the template was published (e.g. Template Name, Categories, etc.)
  2. Hide From Gallery - Temporarily hide this template from being visible to your users. Can be toggled back to be visible from this same spot. 
  3. Delete Template - Remove Template permanently from use. 
  4. Edit Template - Edit and republish the Template if necessary

Note: You can edit these settings from the Template Gallery by clicking the Edit Settings option on a Template.