How To Apply Template Locking Settings

This article will cover:
●    What is Template Locking
●    How to Apply Template Locking Settings

What is Template Locking

Template locking is the ability to create a specific design experience for your users based on the parameters that the Template creator sets. It gives you the ability to pick and choose what the user can or cannot change on the design.

How to Apply Template Locking Settings

Template locking settings can be applied to any Project prior to publishing as a Template settings. You can access this by opening the right menu and clicking the Locking button. You will then toggle the switch to turn it on.

On the main menu you will see three separate modes: Design Mode, Configuration Mode, and User Preview Mode.

  1. Design Mode will take you out of your Locking settings and allow you to adjust the design on the canvas.
  2. Configuration Mode allows you to set your actual Locking settings.
  3. User Preview Mode gives you a chance to see what your users will experience with the design with the Locking settings applied.
Once you have finished locking your elements make sure to hit the Save button at the bottom of this main page. Design Huddle will prompt you to save your changes if you refresh or leave the page however. This is critical to make sure your Templates function as intended for your users.