User Portal - How to Submit Projects for Approval

How to Submit Projects for Approval

When a user has finished customizing their design they can submit the Project for Approval from their System Administrator from within the editor. To submit a Project for Approval, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Project
  2. Click the Submit for Approval button at the top right

You will have the ability to cancel the review or wait until it has been reviewed. Once the System Administrator has either approved, denied, or requested revisions on the Project, the user will receive an email with the status of the request. After the Project is approved, the user can export the design.

In addition to the email the user will receive, on the Projects page of the User Portal the user can see the status of each of their Projects. The Projects will show the following icons indicating their status:

  • Red Circle – Denied
  • Yellow Circle – Pending Review
  • Blue – Revision Requested
  • Green – Reviewed and Approved