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How to Apply Brands to Accounts

This article will cover:
●    What is a Brand
●    What can I store under Brands
●    Where do I apply Brands

What is a Brand

Brands give the ability to categorize and apply design elements to specific accounts and templates in Design Huddle. Brands can hold as many Libraries as you would like to add to them. You can use this to make these elements available to designers creating Templates and the end users creating Projects from existing Templates.

What Can Be Stored Under Brands

Under each Brand you can store photos, fonts, colors, and logos. Photos must be PNG or JPEG files and can be tagged for easy filtering. Fonts must be .ttf, .otf, or .woff files, you can add fonts to for specific styles and set defaults. Colors will render as specific pallets that you have made per Brand, they can preview as either CMYK/SPOT or RGB. Logos must be a SVG file, you can upload any design elements for simple placement onto a design. Custom libraries can also be added to any Brand 

Where Do I Apply Brands

Brands can be applied on the Account level. You can apply multiple Brands to an Account and create a Brand while creating an Account itself. Once applied to an Account, any Templates published to that Brand will only be accessible by those users designated to the applied Account.

  1. Click on Admin
  2. Select the Accounts subtab
  3. Open the relevant Account
  4. Add a Brand to the Account (You can also create a new Brand here if applicable)

If you are using a single brand, these can be auto-assigned to every account via a backend setting.

Note: If you do not currently have access to the Brand tab or the ability to add multiple Brands, please contact support@designhuddle.com or your Account Manager to add this to your system.