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How to Create and Manage Template Categories

This article will cover:
●    What are Template Categories
●    Creating Template Categories

What are Template Categories

Template Categories provide a method to organize all your Templates in Design Huddle. They allow for general grouping and more granular filtering based on attributes you define.

Category Types

The Primary Category (named "Design Type" by default, but re-nameable) is a special category that (if populated) will always show at the top of the category list in the Template Gallery and has its own dropdown when publishing or editing a Template. Templates can only have one Primary Category assigned, so it should be used as a high level grouping mechanism.

Subcategories can be added to assign more granular attributes to your Templates. Note that multiple items within each subcategory can be assigned to the same Template. For instance you could have a color-based subcategory called "Dominant Colors" with items Black, White, Red and Blue in it. A specific Template might use multiple of those colors, and therefore have multiple items assigned.

Creating Template Categories

You can create Template (Sub)Categories from your main Admin tab. 

  1. Click on Admin
  2. Select Template Categories subtab
  3. Type the name for the new Template Category 
  4. Click Add

You can sort, hide, rename, or delete existing categories by hovering over the relevant item and selecting the appropriate option.

Creating/Managing Category Items

To add items to a category:

  1. Click on Admin
  2. Select Template Categories subtab
  3. Select a Template Category
  4. In the right menu type an item name to be assigned to templates
  5. Click Add

Once added, in your Template Gallery you will notice a dropdown arrow next to each of your Categories that will allow you find templates matching the specific item(s) selected.

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