How to Use Text to Image Generation With AI

Design Huddle's AI Tools are built on top of best in class AI technology to ensure the framework is reliable and provides the best content possible.Both admins and users can create images via AI within the editor. Like with any of our features, AI image generation can be locked so that certain users do not have access to it. 

To generate images from text follow these instructions: 

  1. Click the main Images button
  2. Click the Text to Image in the left menu
  3. Choose a style of image you would like to generate (this can be skipped)
  4. Type in a detailed description of the image to be generated
  5. Click the Generate button
  6. Select the Image you would like to add the Project
  7. Choose either the Add to Canvas or Set as Background option 

If the image generated is not what you were looking for, you can always alter your prompt by editing the description and regenerating prior to adding the image to the canvas or background. 

You can pre-select how many images are generated per prompt. To set this number please email Your generated images will be stored in the left menu for you to reference at any time. In the left menu you can also update the size and style of the images. If you also have Image Upscaling turned on, if the image is too low in quality for the Project, you will be prompted to optionally upscale it. 

Text to Image Generation is a part of Design Huddle’s AI Tools, so usage limits are grouped with other AI features that are enabled for the respective Administrator or User. To manage the utilization of AI features effectively, AI usage limits can be established on a per-user basis within a specified timeframe.

Note: Text to Image generation is a paid feature within AI Tools. To turn this on or learn more, please contact