How to Use Elements and Classes

What are Elements and Classes

Elements and Classes are a tagging mechanism available on your Projects to classify specific design elements. Elements are single use while Classes have a dropdown associated with them and are saved across Projects for later use. 

Elements are great for naming any item on a specific project as a note of reference for internal purposes. 

Classes are best to use when leveraging a tag that might be used across multiple projects since it is saved in a dropdown once used. This helps avoid things like spelling errors from occurring while tagging your elements. 

Use Cases

The most common use for these tags is if you are leveraging the Design Huddle Template Customization Object via an embedded integration. The Template Customization Object allows you to auto-populate your design (text, shapes, media, etc.) via an API script. For example, users could fill out a form with their information and upload images which could be populated into an existing Template using the Template Customization Object. 

Elements can also be tagged to not be exported out of Design Huddle. If your Template has any guidelines or markings to help the user design but are not required for export, you can tag this element as “no_export” and it will not export with the rest of your design. For example, this can be helpful for printers who are adding crop marks and bleed manually for their users. 

How to Tag Design Elements

  1. Click on any design element within your project? 
  2. Add your Element or Class Name at the top of the left menu

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