How to Use Autofit

What is Autofit

Autofit is a feature that automatically adjusts the height and width of the text so that it is contained within the designated size of the textbox. Height is maintained by the line count provided in the sample text you set. For example, if your user adds another paragraph of text into the textbox, Autofit will decrease the text size to ensure it stays within the boundaries of the textbox.

How to Use Autofit

The Autofit setting can be found within the Template Locking controls. To enable Autofit on a textbox, follow these steps:

  1. Open the right menu
  2. Select the Locking Option
  3. Verify you are in Configuration Mode
  4. Select the Text you would like to lock 
  5. Check the Auto Fit checkbox *Only available if Text Content is unlocked. 
  6. Click the Back button and the Save your locking configuration

Reposition and Auto Fit

Combining Reposition and Auto Fit while locking can help create some unique scenarios for your users. Below are the possible combinations their outcomes. 

  • Reposition locked with Auto Fit disabled - No new lines can be created and when you hit the width of the text box, Design Huddle disables any additional text input.
  • Reposition locked with Auto Fit enabled - No new lines can be created when hitting the width of the text box. Design Huddle will shrink the font size automatically to fit width. If the font gets too small, Design Huddle will disable the additional input. 
  • Reposition unlocked with Auto Fit enabled - On a single line when typing, Design Huddle will automatically decrease the font size to keep line within the set width but user can add new lines.