How to Upscale Images With AI

Image Upscaling allows you to increase the resolution on an image and ensure a high quality export. The Editor automatically detects if an image uploaded to a Project is too low of quality for export and gives the option to upscale this. This functionality exists on both Admin and User Projects. Upscaling ensures that all your designs will be exported with high quality resolution and no images will turn out pixelated. This option will only show if an image needs to be upscaled to maintain a high resolution export. 

When an image is uploaded into the Editor as low quality, there will be an error message appearing in red at the top left corner of the editor. You will also see an Upscale Image button in the left menu. To upscale images follow these steps:

  1. Click either the Poor Image Quality error message or the Upscale Image button 
  2. The image will be isolated with an Upscale button, click this
  3. Either select the upscaled image or use the original image
  4. Select the desired option and click Apply

Image Upscaling is a part of Design Huddle’s AI Tools, so usage limits are grouped with other AI features that are enabled for the respective Administrator or User. To manage the utilization of AI features effectively, AI usage limits can be established on a per-user basis within a specified timeframe.

Note: Image Upscaling is a paid feature within AI Tools. To turn this on or learn more, please contact