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How to Upload Designs Using The PDF Import Tool

Design Huddle allows you to import existing designs, saved as PDF, directly into the system for easy Template creation. All layers will be maintained, including text, raster images and vector graphics. The import process can take up to 30 seconds depending on the size of the PDF. It’s possible that the new Project will require some small edits to match the original design. Once imported, the Editor will open to allow you to add or update elements and configure locking. 

To upload a design using the PDF Import Tool, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over Create button
  2. Click Create New Project
  3. Choose your Media Type
  4. Click Import File
  5. Select your PDF
  6. Assign a Brand if applicable (You can choose to not show this step in the future via checkbox in the popup)

Note: Step Six will not appear if Brands have not been turned on in your Design Huddle account. If you would like more information on the Brands feature, please refer to the How To Add Brands article. 

If there are fonts used within the PDF that have not already been uploaded into your Design Huddle account, a prompt will appear with the following options: 

  • Upload Font - Upload the font file from your computer into Design Huddle.
  • Use Embedded - Only text characters actually used in the PDF will display correctly. This option should only be used if none of the text which uses this font will be edited.
  • Select Existing Font - Choose from an existing font that was previously uploaded into Design Huddle.

Once the fonts are mapped, you will be given the option to choose a measurement type (inches or millimeters), then your PDF will be imported and ready for use.

Limitations and Recommendations on the PDF Import Tool

  • PDF files should be no larger than 75mb (this can be upgraded to accommodate large format items, please contact support@designhuddle.com if needed).
  • For text to be editable, ensure it is not rasterized or outlined when exporting from your design software (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, Figma, etc.).
  • If a PDF has more than 40 pages, split it into multiple files and upload each as a separate Project, then combine them in the Editor using the Import option (reach out to support@designhuddle.com to turn on this setting).
  • For designs with hundreds of individual small vector graphics, you may want to rasterize them as a group to a transparent png/tiff to avoid browser performance issues.
  • Design Huddle will import any text with any masked text as a vector element. On these elements you will be able to update their colors but not edit the text. To edit the text you will have to first click the Convert To Text button in the text box context menu which will drop the unsupported effect, but allow for text to be edited. You can revert this by using the Undo option at any time.
  • Partial support for Justified Text, Blending Modes, Text On Paths (e.g. curved text)
  • No support for Kerning, Password-protected PDFs, Interactive PDF Features (forms, internal links, multimedia)