How to Update Colors and Gradients

Design Huddle offers full support of RGB, CMYK, and Spot colors within the editor. RGB is primarily used for Digital, Video and Presentation Projects while CMYK and Spot are also available for Print Projects.

Changing Colors

Colors can be applied to text and vector element types as well as the background. To change the color, follow these steps: 

  1. Select the element 
  2. Click the relevant color to change in the Fill or Stroke section of the left menu
  3. Select your new color

OR if selecting a color for your background

  1. Click the Background button in the left menu
  2. Select the Color option
  3. Click the color in the Fill section
  4. Select your new color

Using Gradients

To add Gradients to an element follow the same steps as above and then select the Gradient option next to the Solid button. Once selected you will see a couple of options. You can optionally adjust the length of the gradient by clicking the add button or using the slider.

  • Linear - This option will allow you to add a gradient from a specific angle. You can adjust the degree of the angle via the slider below the color palette.
  • Radial - This option allows the gradient to come in at all sides of the element. You can set the Inner Offset via the slider below the color palette to control the distance the gradient will start to appear from on the element

For Digital, Video and Presentation projects you will be able to set an RGB color. For Print projects you may see RGB as well or only CMYK/Spot based on your environment settings (reach out to to update this).

RGB colors can be entered by setting their individual Red, Green and Blue values or by setting a hex code. CMYK colors can be entered by setting their individual Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black values.

In addition to entering color values directly, you may also choose a color from the default color palette, or if your environment has Brand functionality enabled, a dropdown menu will appear underneath it to provide access to the specific palettes associated with a Brand.

Colors used within the design will also be shown as Document Colors at the bottom of the menu. Lastly, the eyedropper tool allows you to select any existing color used on the canvas (including inside of photos and videos).

Using Spot Colors

If Spot colors are enabled in your environment, when a CMYK color is edited an optional Spot Color Name field is displayed under its color value inputs. If Spot colors have been assigned to a design that was imported from a PDF, all Spot colors will be maintained and can be viewed along with their fallback CMYK values. Tint will also be maintained if present in the PDF.