How to Split a Video Into Multiple Scene Slides

Any scene can be split into multiple Scene Slides within the Editor. Scene Slides are when you split a single video into multiple scenes for the user to customize. For example, if a 30 second video was uploaded that was meant to be split into three 10 second clips, Scene Slides can solve this for you. Once split into Scene Slides, you can add design elements (text, shapes, images, etc.) into each Scene Slide. 


To split a video into multiple Scene Slides, follow these steps: 

  1. Create a new Video Project OR open an existing Project
  2. Click the Upload button OR drag and drop a video directly into the Editor
  3. In the right menu, click the Scenes button
  4. Choose how many scenes to split the video into
  5. To adjust the timing of each scene, click the Auto Split Duration button which is default selected (the wand with the star)
  6. Choose the timing desired for any Scene Slide

Note: Any Scene Slide can be cloned and the order can be changed from the right menu.