How to set a Custom ICC Profile

ICC profiles store color information for specific devices or viewing conditions. This data guarantees the colors when printed match those of the intended design. Design Huddle automatically maintains any color profiles attached to images that are uploaded or imported via PDF (this can be disabled if preferred). Design Huddle also allows you to override the default ICC Profiles used for both RGB and CMYK in color conversions. Color conversions occur in real time while colors are being chosen in print projects or upon export based on your environment settings.

If you encounter issues with color consistency between the design and print, it is possible a mismatch in ICC Profiles is occurring between Design Huddle and your desktop design application and/or your printer. In this case, Design Huddle has the ability to match the ICC Profiles that you’re using elsewhere. If you would like to set a custom ICC profile in your Design Huddle environment, please reach out to with the relevant RGB/CMYK profile information and this can be updated.

If you need any additional color settings (including Overprint) enabled in your environment, please contact