How to Resize the Canvas

Any Project can be resized to fit your needs. When resizing you will be given the option to resize the current Project you are working on or copy the resized Project to a new item. This allows you to create similar designs across multiple sizes easily or adjust the size of a current Project that is not fitting your needs.

Changing the Canvas Size

When you are in your Project and ready to change the size of the canvas, follow these steps:
  1. Once you're in the Project, click on Background in the left menu
  2. Click Size
From there, you will notice several canvas size options. You can do any of the following:
  • Change the project Media Type
  • Select a Standard Size which provides pre-fixed sizes or Custom Size
  • If you select Custom Size, you will be able to adjust the canvas size to your desired height and width
Once you are happy with your canvas size, click Resize. Please note that depending on how different (in aspect ratio) the resize is from the original you will need to adjust some of your elements to look correct in the design. Design Huddle will maintain the elements in their original position by anchoring the elements to their center points but some adjustment should be expected.