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How to Post to Social Media

This article will cover the following:
  • Overview
  • Instagram/Facebook
  • Buffer


Design Huddle has three options for posting to social media. When admins or users first attempt to export to the available options they will be walked through a wizard for linking Design Huddle with the chosen account. Once this is done, the option to leverage these integrations will be available forever. Social media exports will only be available for non-print Projects. Reach out to support@designhuddle.com to turn any of these options on. Here are the steps to post to social media..

  1. Open the Project
  2. Click the Export button
  3. Select which platform to post to
  4. Walk through the wizard and post


The Instagram and Facebook integrations are available for both video and digital projects. The Facebook account that Design Huddle is tied to must be a business account to utilize the integration. 


Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that is free for up to two accounts. When posting to Buffer you can choose to either post directly to the tools selected in your Buffer account or choose to add the post to your scheduler. You can set up your scheduler within your Buffer account. Buffer currently does not support video projects through the integration. However, you can export a video project and upload it directly into your Buffer account outside of the Design Huddle integration.