How to Mask an Image or Video Inside a Shape

Images can be nested inside any shape. For example if you add a circle to your canvas and want that to be replaced with a headshot, the headshot would be considered masked inside of that circle. Masking requires that the image or video takes up the entire space of the shape.

In the editor any image or video file can be masked inside of a shape. Design Huddle offers standard shapes in the Shapes menu. If you would like to mask an image or video in a custom shape, any vectorized element can be used as a shape. So if you have a custom element created outside of Design Huddle, you can add this to your project and mask an image or video inside of it. 

To mask an image inside a shape, follow these steps:

  1. Add a shape or vector element to the Project
  2. Choose the Photo or Media option in the left menu
  3. Select the library where you would like to add a image from or upload it directly from your machine
  4. Add your photo or video
  5. Scale the image or video
  6. Click Apply

Once the image has been added, you will have the following options:

    • Reposition: Move the shape
    • Resize: Scale the image inside of the shape
    • Filters: Add filters to the image (color overlay, exposure, brightness, etc.)
    • Replace/Remove Image: Change out or take out the image
    • Constrain Proportions: Maintain height and width proportion of the image
    • Arrange: Send element to front or back of canvas
    • Alight to Canvas: Align left, right, or vertical to canvas
  • Transparency: Change transparency of image

A placeholder button can be added to any shape to indicate that the image is replaceable for your user. The placeholder button can be found in the left menu.

Note: Please reach out to if you are interested in adding Video options to your account