How To Manage Approvals

This article will cover:

  • What are Approvals

  • Managing Approvals

  • User Portal Approvals

What are Approvals

The Approval queue in Design Huddle gives the system admin the ability to work with the end user back and forth to ensure quality and integrity of the design. While using locking can limit the scope to which a user can edit a Template, the Approval system gives an added layer of protection for users who need an extra check prior to export. Approvals can be added by role and then assigned per user.

Managing Approvals

When a user has submitted a design for approval, the admin will be alerted by an email. If you do not receive the email you may not be subscribed to the email. You can subscribe by hovering over your name on the top right of the screen, selecting Notifications, and subscribing to the email. Navigate to the main Projects tab and you will see the Approval Queue in the left menu.

Once opened you will see a list of your unapproved projects. On each project you can view a full Revision History with complete notes from any previous revisions. There are also buttons to do the following..

  1. Approve the Project
  2. Request revisions (Adds notes to the Project prior to being returned to the user. 
  3. Deny the Project
  4. Download the project
  5. Directly edit the Project on behalf of the User
  6. Clone the project to make adjustments or re-use for alternative purposes

User Portal Approvals

When a user has completed customizing their design they can submit for Approval via the button on the top right of the editor. They will then have the ability to cancel the review or wait until it has been reviewed. They will receive an email with the status of their approval (Approved, Denied, Revisions Requested) when the admin has sent it back. Once Approved they can export the design.

On the Projects page of the User Portal the user can see the status of each of their Designs.

  1. Red Circle – Denied
  2. Yellow Circle – Pending Review
  3. Blue – Revision Requested
  4. Green – Reviewed and Approved

*Note: If you are interested in adding the Approval system to your Design Huddle account please contact us at