How to Lock the Color Menu

Within any element the color menu can be specifically locked to control what the user can or cannot edit with the colors found on the element. While specific colors cannot be selected to be locked, all of the features can be locked or unlocked.

Locking the Color Menu

To lock the Color Menu follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Locking icon in the right menu
  2. Turn Locking On and switch to Configuration Mode
  3. Click on Element with Color Menu to be locked
  4. Select the Fill icon
  5. Select either Solid or Gradient for the menu to be locked
  6. Click the Lock icon above the design feature to be locked
  7. Click on Save Locking Configuration in the right menu to save your changes

What can be Locked?

The ability for the user to access the Solid and Gradient menu can be locked. Furthermore, you can lock specific features within these menus. The features are listed here: 


  • Color Picker
  • Transparency
  • Default Palette
  • Brand Palette
  • Document Colors
  • Eye Dropper


  • Add/Remove Color
  • Linear
  • Radial
  • Color Picker
  • Transparency
  • Angle
  • Default
  • Document Colors