How to Leverage Media Gallery Integrations

Design Huddle offers free, paid, and custom media galleries that can be plugged directly into the editor. These can be used by both admins while creating Templates and by users while customizing their own Projects. Design Huddle offers media galleries that include photos, videos, vector graphics, and audio files. Custom media galleries can be added to the editor as well either by API or iframe. Please contact to turn any of these galleries on in your instance.

Free Galleries

There are currently three free galleries offered in Design Huddle. They include photo, vector graphic, and video assets. These galleries have commercially-free-to-use media (no attribution required) that can be used across any Project by both you and your users. Below are the galleries. 

  • Pexels - Photos and Video available separately
  • Pixabay - Photos
  • Iconfinder - SVG Icons

Paid Galleries

The only paid gallery available is Unsplash+. Unsplash+ offers premium photos that can be used via your Design Huddle account. If you have access to an API-capable Unsplash+ account independent of Design Huddle, this can be added as a custom gallery. Please contact to add this gallery to your account.

Custom Galleries

Design Huddle has the ability to add any custom media gallery directly into your editor that exposes specific API endpoints or has the ability to be iframed. Custom galleries can support photos, video, audio, and vector graphics. Only one API-based custom gallery is currently supported, however multiple iframe galleries can be added today. Some of our clients have leveraged this to offer their users direct access to Getty Images, Google Maps, and a variety of DAM platforms that the user has access to. Please contact to explore these options with the team if desired. 

Where Can Galleries be Used?

Galleries can be accessed inside the main Images/Media and Background menus. They can also be used when adding media or images into Zones and shapes.