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How To Export Projects and Templates

This article will cover:

  • Export Options

  • How To Export

Export Options

Currently there are five export options available within Design Huddle.

  • JPG – Single page/scene/slide on all media types
  • PNG – Single page/scene/slide on all media types
  • PDF – Single or Multi page/scene/slide on all media types
  • MP4 – Single of Multi Scene Video
  • WebM - Single Transparent Video
  • GIF - Video

How To Export

While in the editor, at the top right of the screen there will be an export option. From here any file type can be downloaded directly to your device or emailed to yourself. Each file type has a slightly unique menu outside of that detailed below.

Projects and Templates can also be exported directly from the main Projects and Templates page via the ellipses on any specific item.


Print projects can be exported with text auto-converted to outlines and/or in CMYK only if desired. Please contact support@designhuddle.com to turn this on. 

Print projects also have the option to include Crop Marks and Bleed upon export. This is a standard .125-inch Crop Mark and Bleed. The checkbox can also be hidden if the user should not ever apply Crop Marks and Bleed. Please contact support@designhuddle.com to adjust the standard bleed or hide the checkbox. 

Design Huddle also has a basic Send to Print option that can be leveraged for print projects. This will simply email a 300 DPI print-ready PDF in an email to your printing contact of choice with some optional metadata. 

Lastly our system can be directly integrated with Xpressdocs to allow users to purchase their print orders directly. Contact Design Huddle once Xpressdocs is configured to get your product list imported. Once loaded, users can export designs directly into the Xpressdocs checkout flow via the Export menu. Please contact support@designhuddle.com for more information.


If you are leveraging Design Huddle's Social Media integrations, these options will pop up when exporting either a digital or video project.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Buffer (for scheduling & any other apps)


Video Projects will have the option to remove audio. WebM video are also available to export, however these video require an upgrade in pricing. Please reach out to support@designhuddle.com to turn this on.

There is also an option to export any video project as an animated gif.   If selected you will be prompted to select:

  • Loop Times (Once, Forever, Other) - How many times the gif should loop prior to pause
  • Frame Rate - The total frames per second a gif should run at (default is 15)
  • Quality - Ranges from low to high. Will effect file size and export

Gifs have a default file size limit of 800x600 and can be at max 30 seconds in length. If a video is longer than 30 seconds but you choose to export a specific scene or range of scenes under 30 seconds, gif export will also be an option. All of this however can be adjusted given the proper use case. Please contact support@designhuddle.com if you are interested in increasing the size limit.


If generating a presentation, you will have an option to Generate a Presentation Link  that can be shared with anyone you would like to access the presentation from the web. You can also export the Project or email it to anyone as a PDF. 

Multi-Page Export

Lastly any multi-page or multi-scene Project can export ranges of pages. This can be done by selecting the Range option under the pages or scenes menu in the Export window. Once selected, type in the desired range for export and all other pages/scenes will be withheld. Multi-Page exports are only available to be done as PDFs for Digital/Print/Presentation Projects and MP4 for Video Projects.


If you would like any of these features turned on please reach out to support@designhuddle.com for more information.