How to Create Multi-Page Projects

This article will cover:
  • What is a Multi-Page Project
  • How to Add Multi-Pages to Your Project
  • Changing Page Names

What is a Multi-Page Project

A multipage Project is a Project with more than one page, slide, or video.. These Projects can be created by uploading a multipage PDF or by adding pages to an existing Project. This is great for:

  • Brochures
  • eBooks
  • Documentation
  • Product Catalogs 

How to Add Multi-Pages to Your Project

When you are in your new Project and ready to add more pages, follow these steps:

  1. Open up the Right Menu
  2. Click Pages
  3. Click Add

From there, a new page will appear and ready for you to start designing. Furthermore, you can clone pages from this same menu if you would like to re-use a single page within your design. 

How to Change Page Names

If you’re looking to change the page name, following these steps:

  1. On right hand side underneath the desired page, select the Ellipses

  2. Click Add Page Name

  3. Insert desired page name, then select Update

Pages can also be re-ordered in the right menu by dragging the page within the menu. You can also convert these pages to layouts for future use in a Project and export individual pages directly from this menu.