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How to Create and Manage Project Tags

What are Project Tags

Project Tags allow you to better search and organize the Projects page in Design Huddle. As you are creating Projects, it is easy for this page to become cluttered. Tags make it easy to categorize your Projects and make them easy to find. 

How to Add Tags to a Project

Tags can be added to any Project by following these steps:

  1. Click on the main Projects tab
  2. Click on the Ellipses for the Project you want to tag
  3. Click Manage Tags
  4. Select an existing Tag from the dropdown menu OR type in a new tag name to create one
  5. Click Save

Tags can be removed by following the same steps and then clicking the “x” button next to the tag. End users can also add or remove tags from a Project when accessing the built-in Projects page. 

How to Filter Projects by Tags

Once one or more tags have been added:

  1. Click on Projects tab
  2. Expand the Filter by Tag dropdown, and select the tags you want to filter by OR select any of the tags that are displayed to the right of the dropdown.

Tags displayed next to the Filter by Tag dropdown will be the most used tags in your system. When multiple tags are selected, projects that match any selected tag will be returned.