How to Add Text

Text can be added to a Project by following these steps:

  1. Click the Text button in the left menu
  2. Select whether you want to add a Header, Sub-header, Lines, or Bullet Points

Once added, you can use the following text options:

  • Fill: Change the color of the text
  • Font: Change the font of the text
  • Font Size: Change the size of the text
  • Arrange: Send text to front or back of canvas
  • Alight to Canvas: Align left, right, or vertical to canvas
  • Transparency: Change transparency of the text
  • Letter Spacing: Increase or decrease the space between the letters  
  • Line Height: Increase or decrease the height between the lines
  • Drop Shadow: Add and adjust the shadow of the text
  • Highlight: Add a background highlight any text item
  • Curve: Curve the text to either a preset or custom angle