How to Add System Admins

This article will cover:
  • What is a System Admin
  • How to Add System Admins
What is a System Admin

A System Admin oversees the entire instance, managing all accounts within the system. They have broad control and access across the platform. 

Adding System Admins
  1. Navigate to the Admin tab
  2. Navigate to System Admins subtab
  3. Click Add New User button
  4. Add the User's Name
  5. Add the User's Email
  6. Add the Status
  7. Add the Role
  8. Check the box to send the Welcome Email
  9. Click Save
Note: Roles can be custom-built, please reach out to if you would like to create separate roles for users with unique permissions. You can also optionally add a User ID if you are keeping Design Huddle in sync with a separate database.