How to Add Lottie Files Into the Editor

A Lottie is a file format intended to support high quality animations across platforms. It's built upon the JSON format and allows for easy customization of the text, vector and image elements it contains. Lottie files can be exported from Adobe After Effects, Figma, and other tools, or downloaded from online libraries like and IconScout.

Lottie files can be uploaded directly into the Editor by following these steps:

  1. Create or open a Video or Presentation Project
  2. Click the Media button
  3. Select the Upload option and choose your Lottie file

Files can also be uploaded by dragging and dropping them into the Editor or clicking the Upload option at the bottom left of the canvas.

Once added, the Lottie can be resized by dragging the corners to the desired dimensions. Pixel height and width can also be set in the left menu. Additionally, you can adjust the following items:

  • Speed
  • Colors
  • Text (when not exported as outlines)
  • Transparency
  • Alignment and Arrangement on the canvas
  • Looping, if the Lottie is shorter than the scene duration 

Duplicate colors are automatically grouped for easy selection but can be modified individually using the Separate Colors toggle.

*Note: Lottie files can only be used on Video and Presentation projects. If you do not currently have access to these media types and are interested in learning more please contact