How to Add Highlights to Text

Text highlighting gives the ability to add a background rectangle behind text. The highlight brings the text to the forefront and will grow automatically as further text is added.

To add highlights to text follow these steps:

  1. Add Text to the Project
  2. In the left menu use the scroller to choose your highlight size

Once added the color of the highlight can be adjusted by clicking on the Fill icon. Furthermore, if you click the gear icon there are a number of items that can be adjusted listed below. 

  • Fill/Fit - Determines how to position the highlight when there are multiple lines
  • Color - Choose the color of the highlight
  • Stroke - Add a border to your highlight
  • Weight - Change the weight of the stroke
  • Constrain - 
  • Horizontal - Increase the side margins of the highlight
  • Vertical - Increase the top and bottom margins of the highlight 
  • Roundness - Adjust the roundness of the corners of the highlight
  • Transparency - Adjust the transparency of the highlight