How to Add Animations to Elements

Animations can be added to any element within a Video or Presentation project.. The Editor offers a wide range of animations for both Admins and Users to select from. Animations can be added to text, images, shapes, and videos. Here is a full list of animations available in the Editor:

  • Fade
  • Pan
  • Rise
  • Typewriter
  • Roll
  • Unite
  • Wipe
  • Pop
  • Breathe
  • Tumble
  • Trample

To animate an element follow these steps:

  1. Create or Open a Video or Presentation Project
  2. Click the element to be animated
  3. Click the Animations button in either the right menu or in the context menu
  4. In the right menu select the animation of your choice
  5. Select the Direction you want the element to move from
  6. Set the Delay (at what time during the scene you want the animated element to appear)
  7. Set the Duration (how long you want the animation to last for)
  8. Apply a Fade if desired (Only animation that can be layered on top of others)

Animation settings can be set for all elements within the Scene by clicking the Apply to All Elements button. You will be given three options to select from:

  • Apply to All Existing Elements - Animation settings will be applied across every element on the scene (text, images, videos, shapes)
  • Update Animated Elements Only - Only elements with existing animations on them will inherit the new settings
  • Apply to All New Elements - Only new elements added to the scene will inherit new settings