How to Add a Color Overlay

A color overlay is an effect that lays a semi-transparent layer on top of an image. This can help bring attention to a design with limited art elements. 

Color overlays can be leveraged in the Editor for any image added to your canvas. They can be added on images that are masked in a shape, nested in a zone, placed as a background, or laid flat on the Editor. Color overlays cannot be added to videos currently. 

To add a color overlay, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the image in the Canvas
  2. Click on the Filters menu (Filters menu will appear for images laid flat on the Canvas)
  3. Click the color block to choose the color you would like to overlay (RGB,CMYK,SPOT are available)
  4. Click the back button
  5. Move the toggle to select the percentage of color to overlay on the image