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Best Practices for Designing with Brand Assets

This article will cover:
●    Leveraging Brand Assets as an Admin
●    Leveraging Brand Assets as an end User

Leveraging Brand Assets as an Admin

Designers and Admins are able to use Brand Assets directly into the Templates they are creating for users. Each type of asset can be leveraged in a unique way. Below is a breakdown.

  • Photos – When selecting images, you will see a Brand Photo button. If you open this you will be taken to the Brand Photo gallery and be able to add in any photo you would like. You can toggle through the Brands and select another if the Brand has not been assigned at the outset. You can also select Brand images while masking images into shapes, SVGs, or setting backgrounds.
  • Fonts – While setting your font for a text field there will be a section directly above System Fonts where you can choose a Brand (if not already chosen) and the fonts specific to that Brand will populate here for use.
  • Colors – When selecting a color, there will be a dropdown above the color section to select a Brand if not already selected. Once selected, your Brand palette will render and you can toggle between any other palettes that have been added to that Brand.
  • Logos – When selecting an image, you will optionally have the opportunity to add a logo. Under the Images section you will see a Logos button that will display your Brands logos in a gallery. There will also be a dropdown to where you can toggle Brands if necessary.

Leveraging Brand Assets as an end User

Users can also leverage their Brand assets while creating Projects from Templates assigned to them. Admins can choose to leave unlocked the buttons detailed above on any element within the design. Users will have the ability to access their own Photos, Logos, Fonts, and Colors if left unlocked on a template.

Non Brand Specific Assets

Assets can also be added globally to all your Accounts. If you have assets that apply to all your accounts outside of any that might be leveraged by individual users the Design Huddle team can turn this on for you. 


Note: If you do not currently have access to the Brand tab or the ability to design with Brand Assets, please contact support@designhuddle.com or your Account Manager to add this to your system.